Everyone has a different story and different needs. Whether you manage your company’s benefits package, are shopping for individual plans, or selecting a Medicare plan; Airey Benefits Company strives to meet those needs. I work with every insurance company available in Washington, so you know that you’re presented the very best options, tailored for your specific needs.

Airey Benefits Company doesn’t just focus on Health Insurance Plans! I have years of training and expertise in Health, Life, Dental, Vision, and Disability Insurance. Whether you’re starting a family or planning your retirement, Airey Benefits Company has you covered.


A suitable Medical Insurance plan is the staple to a strong financial plan. As healthcare costs continue to rise, coverage has become a necessary item on every family’s budget. There are 3 distinct Health Insurance categories:
-Employer Sponsored Coverage
-Individual & Family Coverage


Did you know good overall health can be easily detected in a healthy mouth? The same goes for poor dental health and your overall health. There are a variety of diseases and conditions that can be detected by your dentists in the early stages! A dental plan might not seem as important as a suitable health insurance plan but there are cost effective dental plans that will save you money and give you the peace of mind should a dental emergency arise.


Even the best health insurance plan pushes those pricy optical costs on to you. Luckily, there are cost effective solutions that start paying off instantly. Schedule a free consultation with an Airey Benefits Company agent using the link below or get it done yourself in seconds!


Take a second and think about your #1 asset. Is it your home? Your car? Actually, your #1 asset isn’t anything you own. It is your ability to produce income. Disability insurance is a very important piece of your financial picture because it protects you and your family if you suddenly lose your ability to produce income as a result from a disability.


Protect what matters most to you, your family. The backbone of a good financial strategy is protection. Airey Benefits Company, LLC can help you build a strategy to protect your family with a common term policy or supplement your other savings vehicles with a tax friendly cash value policy. Why should I look into life insurance?
• Get your debt covered – A life insurance payout should cover any financial obligations you currently have
• Get your children through college – College tuition is rising faster than ever and a life insurance policy can be used to fund tuition costs
• Protect your business – Did you know you can get a life policy to cover you or a business partner? If you or your partner dies, the other will have to take on a tremendous amount of responsibility. You can use the funds to maintain your business
• Financial planning – Life Insurance can help you build credit, get approved for other insurance products, help you with loan approvals, and protect you from creditors in bankruptcy No matter what stage of life you’re at Airey Benefits Company has you covered.

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