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Airey Benefits Company is a local Independent Insurance Agency dedicated to Washington State’s Small Businesses & Individuals. Today’s insurance world is more complex & expensive than ever before; our promise is to simplify the process and minimize costs for the client.

Why Choose Me

Get Answers, fast

No more frustrating phone trees when you work with Airey Benefits Company. You have access to my personal calendar and you’re free to schedule a time to discuss anything at your will. Just follow the link here.

Save Your Time

I will spend the time and energy preparing your paperwork and completing tasks that other agencies simply don’t have the time for; allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Evaluate every option

I work with every insurance company on the marketplace while other agencies only show the biggest-commission products.

No Fees, EVER

Many agencies charge consultation fees for individual meetings. I NEVER charge fees for my services.

Year-round service

The client-agent relationship does not stop after enrollment. We are here for you year-round to service your account, answer questions, and resolve issues.

24/7 Availability

Don't believe us? Click here and schedule a meeting as soon as you'd like.

Common health insurance mistakes that can be EASILY avoided:

“But they said they’ll see me with my insurance plan”

Just because the doctor’s office states they’ll let you see the doctor doesn’t mean they accept your plan as in-network. If you go out of network, you are likely to pay much more for your visit. Knowing your plan AND network is a very important part of selecting a plan.

“I thought I set up autopay, but they cancelled my plan”

Insurance companies are typically very strict with non-payment cancellation policies and difficult to get reinstated. However, it’s not impossible. Contact an Airey Benefits Company agent for assistance with your reinstatement.

“I enrolled on the WA Health Plan Finder, but I never received my ID card”

Submitting your application on the Exchange doesn’t mean you’ll be enrolled automatically. Often you must provide proof you lost coverage or submit payment prior to full enrollment. Be sure to inform your broker when you select a plan so they can send detailed instructions.


What My Clients Say?

When my wife was furloughed from work without health insurance we needed help fast. Frank walked us through all of the options and helped us make the best choice. He took a difficult situation and made it super easy. His knowledge and skill is off the charts. Thanks Frank
Marc & Stacy Warren
Worked with Frank via phone twice this week. He was absolutely fantastic! My partner and I are traveling the US in the next few months and needed to make sure we had coverage during our travels. Frank was so helpful, kind, patient, and ensured we understood everything we would be covered for. If you need help navigating the confusing health insurance world, definitely give this place a call. They break it down and are great at explaining the complicated parts! Thank you Frank!
Sandra M.
When I turned 26 and went off of my parents insurance, I was clueless as to how I would get coverage. Frank walked me through the process every step of the way and helped me get affordable coverage at a time when I needed it badly.
Torrey Moreno
I recently relocated to the Seattle area and was fortunate enough to work with Frank Airey in working my way through the plans and choices for Health Insurance. Frank was patient, professional and informative and removed the stress from the process entirely. I cant recommend Frank and his team enough, and am grateful for his work on my behalf. Glass raised. Look no further. Frank is your man.
Matthew K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, as of 2019 you are no longer required to have health insurance by the federal government but going without insurance is a big risk.

If you have under 50 Full Time Equivalent Employees on average in the last 12 months you are not required to offer group health benefits. Once you surpass an average of 50 Full Time Equivalent Employees in a 12-month period you are required to offer 95% of your full-time employees’ health coverage or face substantial tax penalties.

Most agents are paid a commission from the insurance company when we help a client enroll on a health plan. Some agencies charge fees in addition to the commission but Airey Benefits Company never charges clients a fee. Even for a preliminary consultation.

If you miss your open enrollment period, you likely won’t be able to enroll on a qualified health insurance plan until the following open enrollment period unless you experience a “Qualified Life Event”. See the following link for a list of full qualified life events if you think you might be eligible outside of open enrollment.

  1. If you get your coverage through your employer, you will have to contact your Benefits Administrator at your company or your Benefits Broker.
  2. If you get your coverage through the Individual & Family market or WA State Exchange the Open Enrollment Period begins November 1st, 2020 and continues until December 15th, 2020 for a new plan start date of January 1st, 2020.
  3. If you are on a Medicare plan the Open Enrollment Period begins October 15th, 2020 and continues until December 7th, 2020 for a new plan start date of January 1st, 2020.
  1. You can contact us by phone, email, or schedule a meeting with us at a time that works for you using the link below!
    1. Phone – (206) 401-4855
    2. Email – frank@aireybenefits.com

Direct Calendar Scheduling – https://calendly.com/frank-airey

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